My motto is “To be successful, make others successful”. I inspire people to perform their everyday tasks in a more conscious and appreciative way. I motivate people to use their senses more, in order to make a greater impact in their dealings with other people.

I am interested in and fascinated by people and their stories.

I write books on this subject and pass on my knowledge, experience and philosophy in the form of training, coaching and presentations to anyone who wants to make their mark through an appreciative and empathetic manner and make a positive difference.

There are many aspects to success. For me, success means that I make people with whom I come into contact successful and inspire them using my favourite theme…

Thinking outside the box

Even as a child, I knew that I wanted to work in hospitality. After completing my training and gaining experience in the hospitality industry, in 2002 I started my career as a trainer with a famous training company in central Switzerland. In 2011 I founded my own company “Trainings mit click”, which allowed me to pass on my experience and, above all, my beliefs, to other people. Working with different target groups from various sectors is enormously rewarding and ensures that I see from a very wide range of perspectives. Corporations, SMEs, family businesses, sole traders, executive management, divisional management, departmental management, team leaders, employees – I work with all of them, day in, day out. This ensures that I think outside the box. I repeatedly see how different expectations, understanding of roles and the needs of different target groups intersect in daily life and also that there are two common denominators:


Quite simply, I love what I do and there is still so much to do. It’s great if I can also inspire and motivate you to shape your daily life more consciously.


Bettina Spichiger