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  • “To be successful, is to make others successful”

    Bettina Spichiger, business coach, speaker and author

  • «To be successful, is to make others successful.»

    Bettina Spichiger,  business coach, speaker and author

Esteem as a factor for success

There are many aspects to success. For me, success means that I make people with whom I come into contact successful and inspire them using my favourite topics of esteem and empathy. I write books about this and pass on my knowledge to people who make their mark through their appreciative and empathetic manner, people who want to make a positive difference. To be successful, make others successful.







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Leaders, employees and individuals

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I am interested in and fascinated by people and their individual stories. I inspire leaders, teams and individuals to perform their everyday tasks in a more conscious and appreciative way. Click on the Service and Commitment tab or contact me direct to find out more about what you can expect from me and how I work.


«I have always placed a lot of trust in my players and other people around me, because only then will something come back.» Ottmar Hitzfeld

Translated quote from an interview in my book „Wertschätzung als Erfolgsfaktor“



Success can be summed up in one word: DO. In my training, presentations and coaching, the focus is on practical applications, using role play, practice conversations and active dialogue. Every participant receives a toolkit to guide them in their day-to-day work. When was the last time “the penny dropped” for you during a training course ?


  • Leaders: personal development, communication and leadership style
  • Employees: communication and conduct with customers
  • Teams: personal development, communication and conduct as part of a team
  • Companies: making culture and values perceptible every day


  • How esteem and empathy relate to success
  • Thinking outside the box – learn from the BEST
  • Attitude comes before behaviour – from inside out
  • Learning to identify and understand different personality types and how to implement this knowledge consciously on a daily basis


How esteem and empathy can make managers more successful and efficient:

  • Career advancement: from colleague to leader
  • Communication style, leadership style, preference, analysis of the effect on others and taking appropriate action
  • On the job: at the point of sale, in the meeting room, in the office, at the front desk


It’s about you and your customers, your needs and objectives. I come to you and make a personal assessment. You will learn practical, easily applicable methods and solutions relevant to your concerns and adapted to your specific circumstances.

I look forward to hearing from you.


  • A critical examination of one’s own attitude and adjusting it to become successfu
  • Achieving a more successful working environment through esteem and empathy
  • Achieving greater impact through personal development
  • Consciously communicate differently with different personality types


What you can expect:

Excellent preparation

  1. Familiarisation with your organisation
  2. Clarification of expectations/objectives
  3. Establishment and refining of a concept
  4. Definition of responsibilities
  5. Ensuring the flow of information
  6. Induction day at your premises

-> Interviews with your participants, assessing the atmosphere

Excellent implementation

  1. Awareness
  2. Knowledge transfer
  3. Practice transfer
  4. Reflection

-> Interactive with a blend of media and tools

Excellent follow-up

  1. Photographic record
  2. Refresher newsletter
  3. Follow-up workshop
  4. Round table meeting


My costumers


What my costumers say

  • Bettina Spichiger inspired our employees on the subject of empathy. Her in-depth analysis and customised, appropriately targeted workshop increased executives’ and employees’ awareness of this subject and encouraged them to act accordingly. The workshops are thoroughly prepared and extremely engaging. As co-trainer, I found Bettina Spichiger to be a genuine sparring partner on matters of methodology and a highly competent communications specialist. I can recommend Bettina Spichiger without hesitation.
    Fritz Amstadt
    Member of the Management Board
  • “Bettina is the embodiment of what she preaches in her training courses and workshops. She inspires participants to perceive customers as individuals, to be attentive to their needs and appreciative of them. Her love of her job is infectious, and the results of the Insights Discovery analysis have a far-reaching effect, in both professional and personal life.”
    Urs Gerber
    Managing Director, Volvo Group Switzerland
  • Bettina accompanied us in the development of an internal, multi-level training with various training modules and also carried out the training in German and English. She has not only proven herself to be a highly competent trainer in implementation, but also as an extremely valuable, constructive partner in developing the training modules. With her original and sometimes out of the ordinary ideas, coupled with a solution-oriented way of thinking, she always brought that certain "something" into the design of the training. This excited our employees and developed an incredibly positive dynamic among the participants. It was very exciting to see how Bettina managed to reach our more technically-oriented employees on a very personal and emotional level and helped the training and the entire project to achieve lasting success.  
    Marianne Schenck
    Co-Head Schindler City, Hospitality & Events
  • Power training with a big impact. We are happy to recommend Bettina to companies seeking to achieve a cooperative management style and receptive to exciting topics by people, for people. We enjoy working with Bettina because she puts her heart and soul into the workshops. It makes a great impression on us and is enormously motivational. We value Bettina’s reliability and lively interest in people.
    Chairman of the Management Board
  • Thanks to Bettina Spichiger we have been able to greatly improve mutual understanding of various personality types and transfer the lasting, positive effects to the workplace. In the workshops Bettina’s cheerful and affable manner creates a positive and constructive atmosphere. I particularly value her sympathetic ear and the inspiring discussions outside of the workshops too.
  • Cooperation with Bettina Spichiger is always inspiring and motivational! Even preparing for the workshops is fun because of her expertise, charm and cheerful personality, and the actual workshops are a mix of exciting team tasks and interesting input from her wealth of knowledge. Cooperating with Bettina is a successful mix of effective work on specific topics and thinking outside the box.
    Human Resources Manager
  • Bettina delivers exactly what she says she will. We particularly value the reliable follow-up with the people involved. Over the years, Bettina has got to know our team well enough to facilitate continuous development. All her workshops have a consistent structure and are very easy for our employees to understand. Bettina speaks the same language as us, is very people-focused and continues to help herself and us progress.
    Chairwoman of the Management Board
  • Bettina ensures that workshops continue to have an effect and that we do actually take action. Together we devised ideas which we integrated into our working day immediately. We also greatly value the fact that Bettina evaluates our needs in a preliminary discussion and tailors the workshop to these needs. The workshop made a lasting impression on all the employees, causing them to talk about it and smile for several days afterwards.
    Proprietor and Managing Director
  • Bettina supplies ideas and exceeds expectations. She always makes an exemplary preliminary assessment of our expectations, generates ideas and delivers the training course perfectly. She also knows the peculiarities of our sector and she adheres 100% to the objectives set before the start of each course. Participants’ expectations are often exceeded and so the employees always look forward to training with Bettina.
    Hotelier & Wellbeing Manager, Aargauhotels
  • Bettina Spichiger grasps facts and peronal situations very quickly and her external intervention quickly strikes the right chord. She provides engaging training and coaching that makes participants think. As an empathetic, dynamic and creative sparring partner, she likes to inspire her opposite number. Her clients can also contact her at any time and she is happy to advise employees even after the coaching has ended.
    Human Resources Manager
  • Bettina engages with us 100% for every type of training and puts herself in our shoes. This makes her training authentic and means it leaves a lasting impression. Her enthusiasm is simply inspiring and makes every training course a great success. She also shows a great deal of empathy, which is massively important nowadays to achieve personal and professional goals. She is always the ultimate professional, giving us the appropriate tools so that we can continue to engage with our employees after the training.
  • Bettina has the specialist background and entrepreneurial approach our training requires. Her courses are always tailored to our current situation, our employees and our corporate objectives. Extremely competent, lively, concise, purposeful and impressive, working with Bettina is enjoyable and fun! Over the years she has acquired a wealth of knowledge which, combined with her intuition, lets her immediately and comprehensively understand problems and people.
    Proprietors/Managing Directors



Fascinated by people and their stories

Even as a child, I knew that I wanted to work in hospitality. After my training and gaining some experience in the hospitality industry, in 2002 I started my career as a trainer with a famous training company in central Switzerland. In 2011 I founded my own company and my first book was published in 2015. Working with people from all sectors is enormously rewarding and ensures that I view things from a very wide range of perspectives. Corporations, family businesses, business leaders or team leaders, employees, individuals – I work with all of them on a daily basis. This ensures that I think outside the box. Different expectations and understanding of roles intersect in daily life, but one common denominator remains – everyone wants to be valued!

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